About Het Toverstokje

Het Toverstokje was founded in 2007 by Carine Rasschaert, who holds a BA. in family sciences. The enthusiasm of our management team, the daily efforts of our cleaning fairies and knights and the support and encouragement of many people ensure that our company currently has over 200 cleaning fairies and cleaning knights who provide professional domestic help services to over 2000 families.
You can find us in Lede, Wanzele, Aalst, Hofstade, Smetlede, Oordegem, Wichelen, Serskamp, Schellebelle, Wetteren, Erpe, Mere, Burst, Nieuwerkerken, Erembodegem, Haaltert, Destelbergen, Laarne, Heusden, Kalken, Lochristi, Gent, Ledeberg, Oostakker, Sint Amandsberg, Merelbeke, Melle,…

Our Team

Our team consists of passionate individuals. Het toverstokjeis a unique company because of the continuous and infectious enthusiasm of its staff combined with a personal approach and great commitment to the job.

Sarah De Bleecker | Planning Manager

Sarah De Greve | Responsible for Recruitment and Prevention

Kelly Lanckman | Responsible for Reception and Planning Assistant

Messalina Dierickx | Administrative Consultant Lede

Paul Gelders | Office Manager Lede

Jericho Hulpiau | Office Manager Destelbergen

Annelie Steel | Administrative Consultant Destelbergen

Carine Rasschaert | CEO

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