Relying on home help

Choosing one of the cleaning fairies or cleaning knights of het toverstokje means more time for you

Need a cleaning fairy or knight? You can also enjoy our MAGIC. Whether you live by yourself, have a big family or need extra care. You are more than welcome, Het Toverstokje is at your service!

Het Toverstokje will provide you with the ideal domestic help, who can take over the following household tasks from you, and who will carry them out with passion and care: cleaning, laundry, ironing, mending, preparing meals and shopping for groceries.

We have developed the necessary safety guidelines for both our employees and our customers. The cleaning fairies and cleaning knights are provided with the necessary protective materials such as gloves, hand gels and mouth masks.

We provide our customers with a copy of our internal rules every year and these are always available on request.

Service vouchers

If you have not registered for the service voucher system then go to: Here you can find all the information you need about service vouchers.

Het Toverstokje mainly works with the fast and secure electronic payment system. In exceptional cases we also accept paper service vouchers.

On the site you can easily switch from paper to electronic service vouchers with just a few mouse clicks.

Of course you can also visit our offices for assistance and guidance. We will happily give all the information you require, without any obligation.


The purchase price of a service voucher is set at €9 for the first 400 service vouchers ordered and at €10 for the next 100 (the amount per user is limited to 500 service vouchers per calendar year). You need one service voucher for one hour of domestic help.

If your family consists of multiple service voucher users, there is an overall limit of 1,000 service vouchers per family. A family is defined as “all persons who, according to the certificate of family composition from the register of births, deaths and marriages, are registered as residing at the same address”.

In Flanders there is a tax reduction of €1.80 per service voucher for the first 170 service vouchers purchased per person. Although you pay €9 for a service voucher the cost is just €7.20 once tax is deducted.

Each year, we ask our customers for a small contribution of 75€. Thanks to this contribution, we can continue to carry out administrative tasks, training and operating costs in a qualitative manner. Our customers thus help us to maintain a healthy balance. This cost is reviewed yearly.

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