Sparkling news! Het Toverstokje again receives the support of the European Social Fund to make its cleaning forces shine. As of September 2021, we will start the project With a touch of magic, communicatively strong in a digital society. It promises to be an exciting and instructive course. Specially mapped out for our people to strengthen them communicatively. Both on the cleaning floor and in their further lives.

Communication is everything. Our cleaning fairies and knights know that too. Every day they come into contact with different people, from busy thirty-somethings to elderly people in need of help. That is why we want to support them with information and training so that they always sparkle with self-confidence, wherever they are. Because their magic not only brings warmth into the home, but also lights up the hearts of our customers.

Of course, our approach is based on five core ideas that resound in everything we do. We call it MAGIC and our slogan originated from that:

"Het Toverstokje brings some MAGIC into your work!"

  • Human

Everyone deserves the necessary respect, regardless of age, gender, origin or orientation.

  • Attention

You can always count on our understanding and listening ear.

  • Passionate

You experience the power of a job that suits you.

  • Inspired

You will be surrounded by an experienced team with a very positive attitude.

  • Balanced

You find peace in your work and enjoy your family life, all in the right balance.

Our brand new project consists of three initiatives:


Digital application

Our society is becoming increasingly digital. At Het Toverstokje, we're also evolving. That is why we are launching a planning app to organise cleaning work quickly and efficiently. We want to make our cleaning fairies and knights familiar with it, so that they can inform (new) customers about its operation. This makes them particularly proud and professional.

Dutch language game

We believe in the power of good communication, as well as in the power of diversity. Everyone deserves a fair chance on the labour market. We help foreign-language cleaning workers on their way with Dutch lessons. But despite their efforts, it is not always easy to put theory into practice. Together, we lower the threshold with a playful language game. This way, they improve their knowledge of Dutch and overcome their shyness to speak the language.

New training courses

Our cleaning fairies and knights are increasingly faced with challenging situations. Think of elderly people who need extra care, people with early onset dementia or clients who have just lost a loved one. How do you deal with unforeseen circumstances? How do you communicate in a human way? And how do you offer a listening ear? We provide answers to all these questions in our training courses: 'Dealing with customers in need of care' and 'Thinking and acting in a problem-solving manner'.